Woman Injured in North Myrtle Beach Crash

A woman was driving south on Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach when an oncoming car turned left, failing to yield the right of way, and struck her vehicle. The force of the impact pushed her into another car making it a three-car accident. After acknowledging the extent of her property damage and injuries, the woman hired The Derrick Law Firm to handle her injury claim.

The double impact of the accident caused significant property damage to the vehicle, like the cracked windshield on the passenger side, as well as serious injuries to our client. The woman was the passenger in the car and the airbags were activated. At the scene of the accident, our client complained of mouth pain, left hip and left knee pain, as well as neck pain to her shoulder blade before being transported via EMS to McLeod Seacoast Hospital. At the hospital, a CT scan was completed and no fractures were found. The woman was diagnosed with a neck sprain and muscle spasms, given multiple prescriptions to ease her pain, and advised to follow up with a doctor if her injuries persisted.

Three days later, the woman returned to the hospital complaining of worsened neck pain. She was again advised to follow up if pain continued. Shortly, after her second visit, our client saw an orthopedic specialist to address her injuries. In addition to her neck pain, she experienced poor coordination, headaches, weakness, and decreased mobility.

Throughout the development of this case, our client also experienced seizures and was diagnosed by a neurologist with post traumatic seizures and a closed head injury. The doctor put her on medication that kept her from driving and at the time of settlement, our client had not driven a car in over a year.

After evaluating this client's extensive medical records, the extent of all her damages and determining a case value, The Derrick Law Firm demanded and received $150,000 from the liability insurance company for this accident client.

The client was very satisfied with her representation and gave The Derrick Law Firm 5 stars as well as saying, "Compassionate, very down-to-Earth staff. They have all gone above and beyond to be sure I was compensated easily and generously."

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