Horry County Car Accident Case Result

Dirk J. Derrick
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South Carolina Lawyer Dirk Derrick helps victims recover from car accidents, personal injury & wrongful death.

Our client was involved in a three-car collision that occurred in Horry County, South Carolina. 

The at-fault driver was driving a loaded dump truck that was in Horry County working to clean up after Hurricane Matthew. The truck crossed the median on one of the busiest roads in Horry County and plowed into a minivan head-on. The vehicle in which our client was a passenger could not avoid the accident in front of them and ran into the back of the minivan.
The driver of the dump truck fled the scene on foot instead of stopping to help the people he had nearly killed. The investigating officer found that the at-fault driver’s license was suspended and that he was not authorized to operate a vehicle at all. The driver was identified and taken to the North Myrtle Beach jail later that evening.
Our client suffered flashbacks and post-traumatic stress symptoms as diagnosed by his psychiatrist. The memory of the defendant crossing the median and crushing the minivan gave our client great anxiety. This wreck also caused our client to have cervical spine and lumbar back injuries that were healed through physical therapy and orthopedic injections.
  Injury Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm evaluated all of the injuries, medical bills, any future treatment our client might need because of the accident, and punitive aspects to our client’s claim. Statements from a witness were also obtained where she stated she saw the at-fault driver “weaving back and forth across his lane.” The witness stayed behind to observe the truck and saw the defendant approach a stoplight and almost rear-end a vehicle stopped at the light. When it changed to green, the witness stated that the driver swerved across the median and slammed into the minivan causing the vehicle in which our client was a passenger to strike the minivan.

The Derrick Law Firm was also able to retain the dashcam footage taken by the officer showing the defendant telling what happened the day of the accident and admitting liability. 
Due to the reprehensible conduct and negligence of the at-fault driver, The Derick Law Firm worked hard to give this car accident client the best outcome for her case. Attorney Derrick settled this case for $125,000.

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