Farm Machine Accident Seriously Injures Man in SC

Our personal injury client was working on a farm in South Carolina when he was severely injured by the negligence of a machine operator. The machine operator did not properly load the equipment and a large load fell onto the man below. The man became pinned between two objects and it took several people to help him escape.

When our client was freed, the owner of the farm drove our client back to his truck. Our client then drove himself to the local hospital for treatment. When he arrived at the hospital, he told the doctors he was experiencing chest and upper abdominal pain as well as pain in his left leg and left knee. Imaging studies revealed our client suffered a grade 3 spleen laceration and a non-displaced fracture of his left knee. In the emergency room, he was found to have extremely low blood pressure.   
The doctors conducted a chest x-ray, which revealed he had left lower lobe pneumonia and a pulmonary contusion.  Because our client's lungs began to fail, he was intubated and placed on a ventilator.  The doctors closely monitored him while in ICU.  Over the next several days, our client developed severe hypoxia despite maximum ventilator support. After four days in the hospital, our client's oxygen level and blood pressure were still dangerously low.  The doctors told our client's family he needed to be airlifted to a bigger hospital but explained there was a chance he would not survive the flight. 
Our client arrived at the hospital and remained there for several days as he was weaned off of ventilation and was extubated. After being discharged from the hospital he completed physical therapy and occupational therapy as ordered. His medical bills totaled over $300,000.

This personal injury accident caused our client a lot of pain from his injuries, lost time in his normal life, caused his wife to leave her job to care for him, and was left with extremely high medical bills. The Derrick Law Firm investigated all of the facts of the incident and evaluated his medical records to determine a value of the case. After presenting the insurance company with a full evaluation and a demand of full policy limits, personal injury Attorney Dakota Derrick was able to settle our client's accident case for $925,000.

Some attorneys settle cases quickly to put any amount of money in a client's hand. At The Derrick Law Firm, a thorough investigation and evaluation of each case is completed to obtain the full value of a client's case. If you find yourself hurt because of the negligence of another, you may have a personal injury claim. For a free consultation, call The Derrick Law Firm at 843-248-7486.

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