Barefoot Landing North Myrtle Beach Trip and Fall Injury Case Result

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our client tripped and fell due to an excessively high and defective door threshold in the entryway of a store in Barefoot Landing located in North Myrtle Beach, SC. The fall resulted in serious injuries to our client, requiring multiple surgeries and leaving her with painful and permanent impairments.
Immediately after the fall, our client was taken by EMS to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. She was admitted and seen by multiple orthopedic surgeons due to the right ankle fracture she suffered in the fall. She was then taken immediately into surgery to repair her ankle. After spending several days recovering in the hospital, she was discharged with a treatment plan and future physical therapy orders.
Our injury client started physical therapy soon after her surgery and was seen by an orthopedic for evaluations. She continued to complain of considerable pain from the hardware that was placed in her ankle during surgery and underwent a second surgery to remove the hardware from her ankle to relieve her from the pain. Our client continues to have pain, swelling, and limitations in her ankle due to the accident. 

North Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm closely evaluated the client’s medical records, high medical bills, the future treatment needed as well as her pain and suffering before demanding the full policy limits of all available insurance coverage. The insurance carrier argued that the business was not liable for our client’s injuries and rejected The Derrick Law Firm’s demand to settle.
At The Derrick Law Firm, clients are offered a unique service of having a jury research focus group to evaluate their case. Focus groups are gathered to match the demographics of the county where the accident took place and then the group listens to the facts of the accident and gives a verdict. These focus groups show attorneys, clients, and the insurance companies what a potential Horry County jury might say, think, or decide in regards to a specific case. The feedback is gathered and submitted to the insurance company to prove the strength of the client’s case in hopes to settle for full value without going to trial.

In this client’s case, the jurors felt her injuries were a direct result of the business’s defective door threshold and argued that the insurance company should take responsibility for their dangerous entryway as well as pay more for her injuries. The focus group data helped to almost double the initial amount offered by the insurance carrier.
Our premises liability client settled her case for $400,000. 

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