Texas Man's Autopsy Finds Airbag at Fault for Death

A Texas man who was involved in a low speed accident with another car back in January died from a neck injury. Autopsy results reveal that the man died from "blunt force injuries to the neck" caused by a metal disk that was a part of the airbag container in his 2002 Honda Accord. 

Carlos Solis, 35 years old and father of two, was the 6th person to die from an injury related to the Takata airbags in many vehicles across the country. 64 people have reported injuries directly related to the airbags that inflate too violently causing the canister to explode and send shrapnel through the vehicle. 

During the autopsy for Mr. Solis, they determined that the metal disk, that was 13 ounces and 2 3/4 inches in diameter, was the cause of his death. The disk severed an artery and a vein in his neck. Solis had no other serious injuries and the vehicle involved in the accident had very little damage to the left bumper, fender, and hood. 

Over 19 million vehicles have been recalled for the Takata airbags.

Mr. Solis's family is suing Honda, Takata, and the dealer who sold the car for damages. Takata and Honda have offered their condolences to the Solis family.

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