From 2010 to 2015, pedestrian deaths rose 25 percent while traffic accident deaths rose 6 percent.

It is clear that pedestrian deaths are rising much more quickly than motor vehicle deaths and researchers want to know what is making this happen.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, some factors may include an improving economy, lowered gas prices, and more people walking for health.

Some researchers believe that although more people may be walking, it is likely that the increase in distractions via cell phones and other technology could be to blame.

"Walking and miles driven are up only a few percentage points, and are unlikely to account for most of the surge in pedestrian deaths, said Richard Retting, safety director for Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants and the author of the report. Meanwhile, texting and use of wireless devices have exploded, he said. ("

While it is important that drivers reduce their distractions and be aware of pedestrians, it is also imperative that pedestrians exercise the same cautions. Many walk with a phone in hand and check emails, text, or go on social media.

Another factor that leads to pedestrian deaths is being under the influence. While that greatly contributes to deaths overall, there have been no significant drinking habits that would increase the risks any more than there are currently.

Technological distractions have, however, increased significantly.

The take away from these studies is that no matter how many factors contribute to pedestrian deaths, drivers and walkers alike need to limit their distractions and be aware of others on the road.

By putting down the cell phone, and focusing on what's ahead, you and others are much more safe while traveling.

If you are obeying the laws and limiting your distractions but are involved in an accident because of another's recklessness, you may need legal help getting your medical care and costs paid for by insurance.

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