Another Takata Airbag May Be Cause of TX Man's Death

A Texas man was involved in a low speed car accident that caused his airbags to inflate. When the bags inflated, shrapnel flew into his neck and the man died before police arrived at the scene. 

The man was driving a 2002 Honda Accord that falls into the recall announcement that was issued in 2011. Although a recall had been issued, the repairs had not been made on the car. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the crash and the vehicle to determine if the airbag was the exact cause of death. If it is determined to be the cause, this will be the sixth death associated with Takata Corp. of Japan.

Inflators made by Takata can explode with too much force causing the canister to explode and send shrapnel into the vehicle. Over 60 people have reported injuries so far.  

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