Motorcycle Accident and Injury Cases

As Motorcycle Accident Attorney Dirk Derrick mentions in the video above, The Derrick Law Firm firms handles many motorcycle accidents with serious injuries. Not many motorcycle accidents end with scrapes and bruises. Motorcycle wrecks often lead to spinal cord injuries, long-lasting injuries, and even wrongful deaths. Because of the severity of these accidents, The Derrick Law Firm investigates and determines all liability. They make sure a client gets the medical care they need in the moment as well as in the future.

Since 1991, The Derrick Law Firm has handled personal injury claims like motorcycle wrecks. They are thorough, experienced, and diligent in getting their clients the benefits they need. The attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm also aim to treat each client like family, outwork their opponents, and obtain the full value of the case.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact The Derrick Law Firm today for a free case review, 843-484-0707.