Bad Faith Insurance Claims

When you pay for insurance, whether it be health, auto, or life insurance, you expect it to come through for you when you need it. Sometimes, an insurance company will deny your claim, or seriously delay the claim, even though it is a circumstance that the insurance should cover or pay its agreed upon portion.

In the event you file a claim and your insurance provider denies or delays your claim and you believe it should be covered, you may need an experienced insurance lawyer that knows the law and can interpret your insurance policy. Insurance attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm will thoroughly read over your policy to determine whether your claim was unreasonably denied or delayed.

If your claim is determined to be denied or delayed in bad faith by the insurance company, The Derrick Law Firm will file suit against the insurance company in order to get you the benefits you need and any punitive damages, if available. If you or a loved one experience difficulties with your insurance provider, contact The Derrick Law Firm for a free case review at 843-248-7486.