Just like you, we read the local news to keep up with what’s happening. When something happens that we think deserves a legal perspective, we share it here and provide our thoughts.

We also share our activities in the community and some of the recognition we have received for our work. It can be hard these days to know whose slant on the news you can trust. If the story involves a personal injury case in South Carolina, you can look to us to provide experienced legal analysis of the situation to help others who may have been injured in a similar situation.

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  • Charleston Hit and Run Pedestrian hit and killed in a hit and run in West Ashley, Murrells Inlet, SC. The accident happened around 9pm near Wallenberg Blvd and Christian Road.
  • Man on Bicycle Killed in Georgetown A man on a bicycle was killed while traveling down Dunbar Road in Georgetown, South Carolina. A car struck him, causing fatal injuries.
  • Charleston Driving Under the Influence Kills Another A Charleston man was driving under the influence when he lost control of his vehicle and his passenger was fatally injured. The accident was in McClellanville.
  • I-26 DUI Car Accident in Dorchester County A man was driving along I-26 at 2:30am when he hit another vehicle and killed a 9-year-old passenger.
  • Pedestrian Killed on Hwy 501 in Hit and Run A man was walking along Highway 501 in Myrtle Beach when he was hit by a car that then left the scene. The man died from injuries sustained in the crash.
  • Man with DUI History Kills 3 in Accident Despite multiple DUI charges, a South Carolina man crashed his vehicle and killed three others in the accident. He could face up to 75 years in jail.
  • Two Deaths from DUI Crash One-year-old orphaned after young woman ran into a parked vehicle killing a mother and father. The girl was charged with Felony DUI involving death.
  • Longs Hit and Run Driver Arrested In December 2016, a Longs woman was involved in a fatal hit and run accident. She hit a vehicle and then failed to give information or render aid.
  • Deadly Crash in Marion SC Two cars were involved in an auto accident in Marion, South Carolina. The passenger in the at fault vehicle was killed from injuries sustained in the crash.
  • Three Teenagers Killed in Single Car Crash Days before Christmas, three teenage girls were killed in a single car crash in Myrtle Beach, SC. None of the girls were properly licensed to drive at night.
  • Man Killed in Longs Moped Crash A Marion man was killed while driving his moped along Highway 9 in Longs, South Carolina yesterday morning in front of Aberdeen Golf Course when a SUV hit him.
  • Ravenel Bridge Accident Kills Moped Driver A moped driver was killed on Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC over the weekend. If you or a loved one are hurt or killed in an accident, call Derrick Law Firm.