Workers' Comp Hearing Set for SC Stripper

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Posted on Apr 19, 2017

In 2008, a woman was working at Boom Boom Room Studio 54 in Columbia, South Carolina when a stray bullet hit her in the abdomen. LeAndra Lewis was a dancer, or stripper, at the establishment and filed a workers' compensation claim after in the incident.

A debate began as to whether Lewis was actually an independent contractor or an actual employee of the club.

Two years after the incident, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that Lewis was an employee because the club chose her music for her dances, required her to perform dances for certain customers, and fined her if she left early. These incidents were in correlation with being an employee, not an independent contractor.

After the decision, the focus has been on how much of a benefit she should receive. The court left the decision to the Workers' Compensation Commission.

The Commission decided on $75 per week as the benefit due to Lewis. The Supreme Court has since said the commission, ""was devoid of any specific and detailed findings of fact to substantiate the award." They did not note if the amount was too high or too low, but that is showed no documentation for how it arrived at the specific amount.

A new hearing will be held on her case.

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