Two Deaths from DUI Crash

Dirk J. Derrick
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South Carolina Lawyer Dirk Derrick helps victims recover from car accidents, personal injury & wrongful death.
Posted on Mar 15, 2017

A heartbreaking auto accident occured in Columbia, South Carolina last week involving two deaths and a Felony DUI.

The 21-year-old woman who caused the accident, veered off the side of Interstate 20 where a family was parked and preparing to change their tire.

Clarise A. Payano, the at-fault driver, hit the family's car and the parents of a 1-year-old were killed from blunt force trauma. The child miraculously was not killed and sustained only minor injuries.

Within the same time frame, several other accidents occured although this is known to be the only wrongful death accident that occured. South Carolina Highway Patrol investigated the accident.