TV ad aims to find responsible party in I-95 crash

Posted on May 26, 2010
The family of a trucker who was nearly killed in a crash on I-95 last month are running television advertisements in hopes to find out who is responsible for the accident.

Veteran trucker, Bobby Lee Tucker, 79, was driving his tractor-trailer truck down I-95 toward Florida when he hit a 700 pound steel object in the middle of the roadway. He lost control of his vehicle on impact and his truck went airborne, then wrapped around a steel column.

Tucker broke several bones in his body and remains hospitalized following the accident.

Tucker's family hopes the advertisements will help them get more information about the steel object and who left it in the middle of the highway. The family intends to find someone responsible for the crash. They have filed a civil lawsuit for negligence against a "John Doe" and his trucking company.