Tractor-Trailer Kills 5 Nursing Students in Crash

Posted on Apr 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, a multi-car accident in Southeast Georgia killed 5 nursing students and injured several others. 

The crash occurred when a tractor-trailer failed to slow to a stop and ran into the back of an SUV. The tractor-trailor then rolled over a small car that caught on fire and stopped once it hit a tanker.

The five nursing students were enrolled at Georgia Southern University and going to their last clinical training day of the school year. Three others were injured in the accident and seven total vehicles were damaged.

The accident occurred at about 6am on Interstate 16 where traffic was stop and go because of a wreck a mile ahead. After the crash, some drivers were forced to wait in traffic over 6 hours as the road was cleared and vehicles were towed.

Georgia State Troopers are investigating the accident further and the driver of the tractor-trailer has not been cited as the investigation is still ongoing.