Toyota sudden acceleration blamed for fatal crash

Posted on Jun 10, 2010

The mother of a teenager who was killed in a wreck involving a 2000 Toyota Camry has filed a suit against the automaker claiming sudden acceleration caused the fatal crash.

Tina Stuckey of Louisville, KY has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Toyota over the death of her son, Nathaniel Stuckey, 15, in a car accident. Stuckey claims that unwanted acceleration in a 2000 Camry caused a teenage friend of her son to lose control of the vehicle her son was in, which then struck a stone wall and a large tree last year. The passenger airbag also did not deploy and failed to protect her son in the wreck.

The suit claims that Toyota knew of the problems of unintended acceleration and did not warn consumers or do anything to prevent the vehicles from accelerating out of control. It also claims that Toyota dismissed complaints of airbag failures in 2000 Camry models and did not ensure deployment of airbags.

The lawsuit seeks unnamed punitive and compensatory damages.