Toyota recalls 600,000 Sienna minivans

Posted on Apr 18, 2010

Toyota recalled 600,000 Sienna model minivans on Friday for rusting spare tire holders. Models from 1998-2010 with two-wheel drive that were sold or registered in 20 cold-climate states and the District of Columbia have been listed in the recall. The motor corporation has said that rust from road salt could cause the carrier cable that holds the spare tire to the minivan to rust, which would allow the tire to tumble into the road, threatening the safety of other drivers. 


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said it received six complaints of spare tires falling off Sienna minivans. Toyota has received none. This most recent recall came as House investigators said that would hold another hearing on electronic problems in runaway Toyotas next month. The Sienna minivans join the more than 8 million vehicles that have been recalled because of faulty accelerator pedals. 


The Transportation Department has fined Toyota $16.4 million for failing to promptly notify the federal government about the defective accelerator pedals, making it the largest civil penalty ever imposed on an automaker by the government.


As far as Sienna owners are concerned, Toyota tells customers they are working on a solution and will notify owners telling them to bring their vehicles to a dealership for an inspection.