Car Surfing Teen Suffers Head Injuries After Accident

Posted on Mar 25, 2011
A high school student from Saluda High is recovering from brain swelling after falling from the hood of a car he was "car surfing" on.

S.C. Highway Patrol says the teen, 16-year-old Kip Gaston, was on the hood of the car and then fell off onto his head on Old Chappell Ferry Road in Saluda County. Gaston was airlifted to MCG with serious head injuries.

Gaston is now recovering from brain swelling due to his injuries. His family believes he was lying on the hood of the moving car when the driver hit the brakes and he fell off. Gaston has admitted to his parents that he was "car surfing."

South Carolina troopers say the investigation into the accident is still in its early stages and are not sure of any charges.









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