Statewide improvements aim to make South Carolina roads safer

Posted on Apr 06, 2010

South Carolina Department of Transportation is working on a statewide project to improve signs at intersections in order to make them more visible and safer.


According to police in Horry County, three wrecks in a two week span occurred on account of failure to stop at a stoplight or stop sign.


SCDOT will work to install flashing lights on road signs, more signs to warn driver about upcoming intersections, retouching pavement markings and adding reflectors to signs. Improvements to Horry County intersections should be completed within a week. The project is also working on improving intersections in Florence County, Darlington County and Dillon County.


Residents say they will feel safer with more warnings about upcoming stoplights and stop signs, saying they will feel more secure knowing everyone is aware of intersections.

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