South Carolina Legislators Approve a Texting, Cell Phone Ban

Posted on Feb 17, 2010
On Tuesday, South Carolina legislators advanced a bill to the House that would ban texting and talking on held-held cell phones while driving a vehicle. This measure would exempt hands-free systems. Another bill, headed to Senate would only prevent a driver from texting and emailing from a cell phone while driving.

In the House version of the bill, legislators agreed to fine offenders up to $100 and 2 points added to their license, while the bill in the Senate would only fine drivers $25 and add 1 point to their license. School bus drivers in violation 

Questions still remained as to how this banned would be enforced.  Many legislators feel that banning talking on cell phones while driving is too extreme and the ban should be exclusively for texting and other similar messaging. They feel that a talking ban could potentially be detrimental to many small-business owners who depend on cell phone communication. 

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