SCDOT Taking Precautions During Icy Weather

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

With wintry weather conditions hitting the Grand Strand, the South Carolina Department of Transportation is taking precautions and treating the roadways. Last year, February 2014, Horry County was hit with several ice storms that caused many accidents and injuries. The state prepared itself and began to use brine on the roads before the wet conditions came.

The SCDOT has also been using salt to treat the roads and say they have plenty of salt and brine for the conditions. They have been focusing on bridges and overpasses and areas that are called in as icy and dangerous.

If you are a victim of the black ice and slide into a ditch, the DOT and South Carolina Highway Patrol say it is ok to leave your car if no one is hurt. They suggest calling *HP if you are on an interstate or calling your local police department to notify them that your car will be towed shortly. This is so if others call in the accident, there will be record of the vehicle in that location and police officers will not respond multiple times to the same incident.