Progress in the Toyota recall

Posted on May 07, 2010

Toyota announced Thursday that they have fixed more than 3 millions vehicles related to the recalls over the past few months.


1.6 million vehicles with sticky accelerator related problems have been repaired, according to the automaker. Toyota also claims that 1.5 million vehicles with potential floor mat pedal entrapment have been repaired. 115,00 2010 Toyota Prius and Lexus models have been fixed with issues relating to their anti-lock braking systems. 


Toyota-owners are still encouraged to bring their recalled vehicles into to Toyota dealership in order to make these necessary fixes and to continue to visit the Toyota website to see if their vehicle is involved in a recall. 


Toyota has also announced an increase in the use of Event Data Recorder readout devices. Event data recorders are black boxes that record the information surrounding a crash and help assist accident investigators and will help Toyota and officials evaluate unintended acceleration incidents. Toyota has increased the units from one to 150, ten of which has been sent to the National Highway Safety Administration to use in their investigations of Toyota and Lexus.