Police seek help in I-95 crash investigation

Posted on May 19, 2010
The South Carolina Transport Police and the lawyers of a Darlington man who was injured in an April 30th crash on I-95 are seeking help in an investigation regarding the accident's cause.

Bobby Lee Tucker, 79, of Tucker Enterprises was transporting vehicles on his freightliner tractor-trailer to Florida when a collision with a heavy steal and metal object caused him to sustain severe injuries. He was travelling south on I-95 near Honda Way in Timmonsville when he saw a small car ahead of him swerve to dodge an object in the middle of the road.

Tucker had no time to move and his rig was slammed into a 700 pound steel and metal object. The collision caused his rig to go airbourne briefly and Tucker lost control of his vehicle. The tractor-trailer veered out of the right lane into the left before crashing into a concrete support column of an overpass. The cab of the truck was then wrapped around the column. Tucker was lucky to have survived the crash.

A New York man stopped to help Tucker who was severely injured and had to be airlifted to the hospital, where he still remains. He suffered multiple skeletal-muscular injuries, including shattered ankles and he is in constant pain.

Tucker was an experienced driver for over 46 years and had driven the route from Darlington to Florida many times. His business is now suffering without its boss who has said he will not drive a truck again.

A civil lawsuit has been filed in Darlington against a John Doe and his trucking company, Tucker's family and attorneys feel that someone must be responsible for Tucker's crash.

The State Transport Police believe that in order for the accident to occur, the heavy steel and metal object must have not been properly secured, which is against the law. Tucker's attorneys and the police seek help in finding more information about the object and its origins. They believe whoever lost it, must know that it is gone. The estimated worth of the object is between $25,000 and $30,000.