Owners of Ford Fusions, Mercury Milans warned

Posted on Jun 01, 2010
The National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration has issued a warning to owners of 2010 Ford Fusions and Mercury Milans regarding possible stuck accelerators.

Ford Fusion owners should not place any unsecured floor mats, whether made by Ford or any other retailer, on top of the standard, carpeted floor mat in the driver's side foot well. If owners want to install an optional, Ford-manufactured "All Weather" floor mat, they must first remove the standard, carpeted floor mat and safely secure the "All Weather" floor mat before operating the vehicle.

NHTSA has opened a formal investigation into Ford Fusions after receiving 3 consumer complaints about unintended acceleration. The complaints state that the "All Weather" mat, when placed on top of the standard, carpeted mat on the driver's side can slip forward when driving and trap the accelerator pedal. The pedal can then remain in the decompressed position.

The agency has received no complaints involving crashes, injury or death.

NHTSA reminds drivers of all makes and models to ensure that all driver's side floor mats are properly installed and restrained.

If a driver is experiencing unintended acceleration, NHTSA encourages drivers to first brake firmly and not pump the brake. The driver should shift the car into neutral and steer the car to a safe location. Once there, the engine should be shut off. Cutting off the engine early can cause the driver to lose control of the steering wheel, so a driver should wait until their car is in a safe place before doing so. Drivers should also not continue to drive their vehicle if they have experienced unintended acceleration. They should call the dealer or a repair shop to pick up the vehicle and address the problem.