Nursing home settles wrongful death suit

Posted on Mar 03, 2010

Two nursing homes in Missoula, Montana have settled a wrongful death suit for an undisclosed amount with the family of a man who died under nursing home care in 2005. The lawsuit claims that Riverside Health Care Center and Village Health Care Center were negligent to provide adequate care for Ralph Seewald, 87.

Mr. Seewald died in November 2005 of a blood infection. He fell and fractured his neck during a transfer from a wheelchair. The fracture left him bedridden where he developed pressure ulcers leading to a fatal case of gangrene in his leg.

The lawyers for the plaintiffs claim that both the wheelchair transfer and the treatment of the bedsores were inadequate. The family is satisfied with the results. All matters against the nursing homes have been dismissed and the settlement remains confidential. 


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