NHTSA says Toyota acceleration defect linked to 34 fatalities

Posted on Feb 17, 2010

The Toyota acceleration complaints reported by consumers has increased the number of fatalities to 34. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association  (NHTSA) says that this effect is normal as people become more aware of recall and possible safety defects that may have caused past traffic accidents.

Toyota has also received an increase in brake-related complaints for the 2010 Prius. When investigation on the model first began earlier this month, consumer reports were counted at 104. The number has now increased to almost 1,000.

The increase in number of consumer reports reflects heightened awareness in the media and the increase of lawsuits against the car manufacturer on behalf of drivers claiming injury and death.

Toyota has also announced a voluntary safety recall to inspect front drive shaft on 2010 Tacoma 4-wheel trucks. 

Many criticize both Toyota and NHTSA for their slow response to the mounting claims of accelerator and brake problems in Toyota vehicles, claiming that the trend has been evident for years.