New cell phone app prevents texting while driving

Posted on May 12, 2010
Parents of teenagers may have one less thing to worry about while their children are out on the road alone. A new application for cellular phones could prevent individuals from texting while operating a motor vehicle.

Once downloaded to your cell phone, a new device called "Cell Safety" will disable texting capacities while in a vehicle that is going faster than 10 miles per hour. Text messages will not be sent or received until the vehicle is stopped. And it may take as long as 90 seconds for texting capacities to be restored.

"Cell Safety" is available across the country. The new technology costs $12 per month that it is in use.

Texting while driving is a dangerous driving distraction in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has undertaken new measures in its distracted driving campaign to discourage texting while driving. In many states, such as Connecticut and New York, texting while driving is actually prohibited by law.

Texting while driving is not only a problem among teenagers, but adults as well. Many hope that new technology such as "Cell Safety" will spread to adults as well and hopefully, keep everyone safer on the roads.