McDonald's recalls glasses for cadmium

Posted on Jun 04, 2010
McDonald's has pulled cadmium tainted glasses from their stores and have advised consumers to stop use immediately.

The painted design on "Shrek" themed glasses have been discovered to contain the heavy metal cadmium. McDonald's has recalled 12 million glasses. Consumers should stop using glasses immediately. McDonald's will provide information regarding refunds next week on their website.

The 16-ounce glasses depicting characters from the "Shrek" movies were sold at McDonald's stores nationwide for $2 a piece. An estimated 7 million of the glasses have been sold and 5 million were in stores or waiting to be shipped out.

Cadmium, a known carcinogen, can be used to create the colors red and yellow in paints. The pigment in the paint on the "Shrek" glasses is said to contain cadmium. Cadmium can cause bone softening and kidney problems in addition to increasing one's risk for cancer, especially in children.

Cadmium in the paint on the glasses could leach from the glass onto a child's hand. The metal could then enter the body if the unwashed hand came into contact with the child's mouth.

Officials have said that the glasses contain far less cadmium that in the previously recalled children's jewelry sold at Wal-mart and other national retailers.