Horry County wrongful death suit upheld

Posted on Aug 02, 2010
The South Carolina Court of Appeals upheld a decision by a Circuit Court that awarded $500,000 in damages to the daughter of a woman killed by a garbage truck in 2005.

Savannah K. Johnson was awarded damages in her suit against the Horry County Solid Waste Authority. Her mother, Susan Johnson was killed on January 5, 2005 around 4 am after she was pinned against her SUV by a garbage truck. The accident took place on U.S. 17 north of North Myrtle Beach. Johnson was struck after her SUV had run off the side of the road and overturned multiple times.

SWA appealed the decision claiming the information that Johnson had been drinking at the time of the accident had been withheld and that the judge had revealed state truck driving manual information that drivers should keep a safe following distance and safe clearance to the sides of the vehicle.

The Court of Appeals upheld the decision saying that there was not a connection between Johnson's blood alcohol level and the second crash that led to her death.