General Motors Recalls More Cars

Posted on Oct 06, 2014

General Motors has stopped the sale of 2015 midsize trucks, the GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado, because of an airbag defect that would result in a recall.

They are also recalling two vehicles that have loose joints and worn threads that have caused two injuries and three accidents so far. This recall will affect around 500,000 car owners driving the new Cadillac Crossover and a discontinued Saab SUV.

The second recall involved the Chevrolet Spark, a minicar, and its hood. If the hood has any corrosion, it could cause the secondary latch to stick in the open position. If the latch is not engaged properly, it may come open at any time. GM has had no reports of any accidents regarding this issue.

In total this year, GM has had 71 recalls that have affected close to 30 million vehicles all around the world.