Posted on Jun 09, 2010

The attorney representing a Florida teenager has filed a suit against a tire manufacturer claiming a faulty tire was to blame for a wreck that killed 4 teenagers and injured 4 others, including the client.

Shannon Broome, 16, was riding in a Ford Explorer with 8 others on their way to the beach on the last day of school when the tread on the left rear tire separated, causing the vehicle to roll.

A negligence suit has been filed against the company, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, blaming a manufacturing process for the tire blowout. The attorney claims the manufacturer has a history of tread separation in their products.

The company claims that an overloaded vehicle with 9 occupants and an unlicensed driver at the wheel are to blame. Brandon Hodges, 16, who was operating the vehicle at the time, awaits a trial in juvenile court for the accident. However, the families of the victims do not feel he is to blame. Broome's attorney believes the accident would have happened even if an experienced driver had been operating the vehicle.

Florida Highway Patrol says that the tires on the Ford Explorer were properly inflated and there was no evidence that nails or other objects could have damaged the tire. The owners of the vehicle, one of the teenagers' parents, had taken the car in for service two weeks prior and had replaced two tires.

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