Posted on May 13, 2010
A Chicago man has filed a wrongful death suit against CVS and the pharmacy employee allegedly responsible for strangling his son to death while he was shoplifting in 2006.

The father, Michael Johnson, said in his lawsuit that an employee chased his son, Anthony Kyser, from the CVS store and into an alley, and put him in a chokehold that resulted in his death.

Despite Kyser pleading to the employee that he could not breath, the employee maintained the chokehold on Kyser. The medical examiner's office ruled that Kyser's death was a homicide, but the police department determined it was an accident. No charges were filed against the unnamed CVS employee, but according to company officials, he has not yet returned to work at the pharmacy.

Kyser reportedly stole a box of crayons and a tube of toothpaste prior to his encounter with the employee.