Family files wrongful death suit against state of Illinois, trooper

Posted on May 03, 2010

The family of two sisters who died in a 2007 crash involving a state trooper are asking the Illinois Court of Claims for $46 million in damages.


The parents of of Jessica and Kelli Uhl have filed a wrongful-death suit against the state of Illinois and Matt Mitchell, the state trooper who crashed into the sisters' car on November 23, 2007.


Jessica Uhl, 18, and Kelli Uhl, 13 were killed when Illinois State Trooper Matt Mitchell's car crashed into theirs, causing it to catch on fire on Interstate 64 near Belleville, Illinois. Mitchell, 31, pled guilty to two counts of reckless homicide and aggravated reckless driving. He was sentenced to 30 months on probation.


Prosecutors claim Mitchell was talking on his cell phone and emailing on the patrol car's computer at the time of the crash. His speed was also clocked at 126 mph just before the collision. 


The family's attorney is asking for $46 million to cover economic and non-economic damages covering the money the sisters could have contributed to the family had they lived and the loss to society, love, affection and companionship.