Family files suit against Toyota following crash

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Posted on May 12, 2010
A Colorado family has filed a suit against automaker Toyota after their 21-year-old son crashed his mother's 2006 Toyota Tacoma in February.

Michael Noble was driving the Toyota Tacoma when it crashed into an embankment and rolled. Noble claims the car accelerated on its own after he had been stopped at a stoplight.

Noble's passenger also attests to this story. She suffered whiplash in the accident when her seat belt broke; Noble sustained an injured elbow.

Noble was charged with careless driving resulting in the injuries of himself and a passenger. He could have faced $1,000 fine and a year in jail. Amanda Noble, his mother, spent $4,000 in legal fees for his defense.

Toyota had issued a recall for Tacoma model pick-up trucks prior to Noble's accident for floormats sticking to the accelerator. Noble's mother had already replaced the floormats in her Tacoma before the recall occurred. Two months prior to the accident she had taken it to the dealership for service and no problems had been detected. She had noticed that it at times lurched forward when she was idling before entering her garage.

The Nobles seek compensation for their legal fees and loss of their truck. There are already 342 state and federal lawsuits pending against Toyota across the country, all related to unintended acceleration.

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