County Council Shows Concern for Residents During BikeFest

Posted on Mar 04, 2015

The Horry County Council met this week to learn about and discuss the plan and issues associated with Atlantic Beach BikeFest and Memorial Weekend traffic and security. After last year's Memorial Weekend had a significant amount of violence and accidents, the county and the state have worked together to create a plan that will help with traffic as well as increase the safety of locals.

After hearing the plan, the county council showed concern for residents and how the planned traffic routes may affect locals. The plan shows a 23 mile loop that will be in affect the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Memorial Weekend from 10pm until 2am to cut down on street parties.

The council's concern for locals regarded informing residents so that they are also aware of the changes and not left in the dark. 

To resolve that concern, there will be several community meetings in the areas mostly affected by the traffic. They will be notified of the traffic loop App available on phones and iPads, as well as the website giving lots of information regarding BikeFest and Memorial Weekend acitivites. Residents may also voice their concerns and give suggestions for their community if they have any specific issues.