Buses Start Back To School

Posted on Aug 19, 2010
   As classes begin at Horry County Schools Monday, officials are asking drivers to be a little more cautious than usual.

   "It takes extra time in the beginning to make sure we've got everybody on the correct bus," says Horry County Transportation Director Jim Wright. "It gets us later from leaving the elementary school, which is a snowball effect."

   The delay lies in the fact that Horry County Schools do not have individual buses. After elementary students are dropped off, the driver must turn around and pick up middle and high school students.

   Buses start running at 6 a.m. for elementary school students to arrive for 7 a.m. breakfast.

   The Horry County school district has posted bus routes on it's wedebsite. Wright reminds parents to be aware of when and where their child will be picked up for and dropped off from school.