Boat Owner Denies Responsibility for Girl's Injury

Posted on Oct 02, 2014

Over the summer during an event celebrating the military, a young girl who's arm dangled over the edge of her family's boat, was injured when it was caught between two boats.

The girl's mother and passengers on the boat say and believe it was the fault of Murrels Inlet Epiphany yacht which was operated by local business leader Matthew Brittain. They signaled him to slow his boat and as he failed to do so, caused a wake that rocked nearby boats. The young girl's hand was smashed between two boats affected by the wake and later had to have her thumb amputated.

Brittain denies these claims and believes it is the fault of other speeding boats as well as the negligence of the girl's mother. He has asked for the case to be dismissed but a jury trial has been set tentatively for July 1, 2015.