Why the Derrick Law Firm is Different in Handling Your Injury Claim

  1. If I take your case I will become your personal trial lawyer. The cases I take are not negotiated by my paralegals or other inexperienced personnel. If I accept your case, I perform the initial interview. I will explain the process and what you can expect and I will be available to speak to you by phone. I will negotiate with insurance adjusters and prepare the pleadings and represent you in the trial of the matter.
  2. I have chosen to place an emphasis on representing individuals "when their health and livelihood is on the line." Your health and livelihood can be place on the line by a car or truck accident and I can help you by filing your claim and taking the matter to court if necessary. In order to be your personal trial lawyer, I cannot take hundreds of cases a year in all practice areas. Therefore, I have chosen to specialize in certain areas of the law: personal injury, workers' compensation, Social Security Disability and Insurance law. I do not handle criminal cases, divorce and custody cases, traffic tickets or bankruptcy cases.
  3. I have over 20 years of expertise in handling automobile accidents, wrongful death accidents, personal injury and worker's compensation claims. I also have over 49 years experience in my life with the people of Horry County and the way they think, what they like, what they dislike and what is important to them. I believe this experience is important if and when you pick a jury from Horry County for trial.
  4. I have proven success in court. I take cases to court if necessary to get the full legal benefits for my clients. That does not mean that I recommend trial in every case. It means that I will not allow an insurance adjuster to evaluate your claim for me. Success in the court room is absolutely necessary to obtain fair settlements outside the courtroom.