How Will the Derrick Law Firm Handle Your Social Security Disability Claim Differently?

  1. If I take your case, I will become your personal trial lawyer. The cases I take are not handled by my paralegals or other personnel. If I accept your case I will perform the initial interview, explain the process and what you can expect and will be available for you to speak to by phone. I will review the Social Security file, and decide what is needed to give you the best chance of being approved. I will personally prepare you for your hearing and attend the hearing with you.
  2. I have chosen to place an emphasis on representing individuals "when their health and livelihoods are one the line". It can be placed on the line by an illness, a disease or an accident where no one is at fault. In those cases, we assist our clients with Social Security Disability claims and represent them before the administrative Law Judge. 
  3. If I take your case, you will have access to my 20 years of experience. After graduating from the University of South Carolina Law School in 1987, I returned to Horry County to practice law. In 1991, I left a partnership in another law firm to establish The Derrick Law Firm. I have been working for people suffering from various disabilities from the time I began to practice. I decided early on that I wanted my life's work to be rewarding and meaningful. Helping those who have been personally responsible, who have worked hard, who have paid into the social security system through taxes and then find themselves without an income due to a disability is important work.

If you determine you need an attorney, please give me a call at (843) 248-7486, and we will do everything possible to assist you.