Many injury claims are settled before they ever reach the inside of a courtroom. Some insurance company are often prepared to resolve the claim and move on to avoid costly, time-consuming litigation. A settlement is an agreement between the injured and the insurance company whereby the insurance company agrees to provide a specific amount of compensation to the injured. In return, the injured cannot pursue any further legal action related to the accident or injury. Settlement agreements are very common, as they give both sides the ability to move forward as soon as possible.
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However, while a settlement agreement can be a good option, it’s not always beneficial for the injured party, and not every insurance company is willing to pay out in good faith. When an insurance company refuses to pay fair compensation, an experienced injury attorney can help. Many injury victims have little or no experience with the law or insurance negotiations, so the information and guidance provided by an attorney can be vital.

Five Ways a Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Attorney Will Help Settle Your Injury Claim

Insurance companies are businesses that want to protect their bottom lines, so insurance adjusters will do whatever they can to save their employers money and pay out as little compensation as possible. But for victims and their families, this compensation is usually critical for medical care, wage replacement, home and vehicle modifications, and ensuring a successful future. Once a settlement has been signed, it is not typically possible to revisit the claim. So, it’s extremely important to negotiate an appropriate settlement right from the start. An attorney can help settle a claim as effectively as possible by:

Valuing The Claim

One common tactic of insurance companies is to quickly offer injury victims much less than they deserve and to pressure them into taking the settlement. An experienced attorney can identify this trick and provide injury victims with an accurate assessment of what the claim is worth. This will ensure that victims have adequate compensation to address their injuries, both now and in the future.

Providing Evidence of Injury 

An insurance company is more likely to provide a fair settlement when faced with strong, comprehensive evidence of the injuries sustained, as well as the physical and emotional impact of those injuries on the victim. An attorney can help provide medical records, witness statements, and professional opinions to support the claim.

Providing Evidence of Liability

Insurance companies are known for making any attempt to pass blame for the injury onto another party. An experienced attorney will investigate the incident and offer clear evidence of responsibility, including police reports, physical evidence, and witness statements.


Many insurance companies hope that injury victims will simply accept any settlement offer at face value. Effective attorneys know that settlements can be negotiated, and they can act as a fierce advocate for an injury victim’s rights.

Protecting the Settlement 

When an agreement has been reached, an attorney will ensure that the insurance company provides compensation in a timely manner. In addition, a lawyer can help protect the victim’s interests from other parties who may seek to claim a piece of the settlement, including care providers and other insurance companies.

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