Tractor Trailer Hits Young Man Crossing the Road

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A young man attempted to cross Highway 701 North in Conway, SC when he was tragically hit by a speeding tractor trailer truck. Cameras from a local business were turned toward the road at the moment of the truck accident and were able to capture the incident.

The driver of the 18-wheeler truck was speeding through the area and after various stories from the driver, it is believed he was distracted, didn't see the boy until the last moment, and was unable to make any decision before hitting him. Immediately following the accident, the driver called his boss, not EMS.

After experts examined the video footage, determined the speed of the truck, and other important data, it was shown that the truck driver didn't hit his brakes until the last moment.

The young man faced life-threatening injuries and was airlifted to Grand Strand Regional Medical Hospital. He suffered a de-gloved foot, a severe traumatic brain injury, and other internal injuries. After a long road of medical treatment and therapy, the young man did improve his conditions, however, he will need 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

A medical examiner wrote that this young man could not live without the help of others. He cannot complete routine self-care actions involving hygiene, cannot prepare his own meals, cannot maintain financial accounts and cannot live independently due to the injuries sustained in the accident. The examiner noted that this would be the young man's permanent condition.

In addition to evaluating the young man's significant injuries, medical bills, and the future care that would be needed, The Derrick Law Firm investigated the driver and found that he had a past involving speeding tickets.

While this was a very detailed case that was being prepared to take to trial and involved a mock jury trial, our client's mother and the defense were able to come to an agreement after mediation. The Derrick Law Firm settled the case for $6.5 million and was able to make sure the young man would be taken care of the rest of his life.

Our client's mother was very happy with the settlement and knowing that no matter what happens to her in the future, her son will always be in good care. She left this review of  The Derrick Law Firm, "...Everyone at Dirk's law firm was always nice, very caring, very professional, and trustworthy. I can not thank you ALL enough! Your time, dedication, but most of all yall's Faith. You all never gave up, and today my son has never gave up. So know this, when life gets hard, keep pushing. Never give up. You all will always be a part of our lives. ALL IN."

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