Tractor Trailer Driver Hurt While Working in South Carolina

Getting hurt on the job is never on anyone's wish list. Besides the pain of injury, missing work can hurt an employee's wallet if not handled correctly.

For a truck driving employee, his workers' comp case was denied by the insurance company and he was in need of medical treatment and a paycheck while he was unable to work.

Myrtle Beach Workers' Compensation Attorney Dirk Derrick took the case to determine why it was denied and prove why it shouldn't be denied.

The employee drove tractor trailer trucks for a living and was on the way out of state to a job when he was involved in an accident. The employee had injuries to his head, left knee, left shoulder, back, left hand, and his right eye.

When his workers' compensation claim was filed, the insurance company denied it saying he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The Derrick Law Firm investigated the accident and all of the client's medical records. There were not enough evidence to prove that he had been intoxicated at the time of the accident.

The insurance company also stated that the worker deferred from the route set for him traveling to his next job. The accident happened in Florence County.

Because there was not sufficient evidence or information to deny the claim, The Derrick Law Firm fought to get their client the benefits he needed from workers' compensation. After investigation and evaluation of facts and medical records, The Derrick Law Firm settled the case for $130,000.

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