Three Car Accident in Conway Injures Driver of Middle Car

A truck was traveling north on Highway 701 when another car, driving too fast for conditions, rear-ended the truck at a high rate of speed. The impact was so great, it caused the truck to rollover and hit an oncoming vehicle on the rear driver's side.

The driver of the truck was taken on a backboard to Grand Strand Regional Hospital for Level I traumas and at the hospital, the driver complained of lower back pain, pelvic pain, stomach pain, and neck pain caused from the accident. Doctors put him on observation and he was released the next day and told to follow up with his primary care physician.

The man continued to have lower back pain that radiated to the back of his legs as well as hip pain. Doctors recommended physical therapy to help resolve his issues and eventually was described as at MMI, or Maximum Medical Improvement.

During his treatment, the driver and the passenger in the truck hired Car Accident Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm to handle their accident claim. Immediately, the case was investigated to ensure liability and to find every available and relevant insurance policy.

Attorney Kevin Mulet handled the accident case and after evaluating all evidence and medical records, he requested the full amount of liability insurance at $25,000. The full amount was agreed upon by the insurance company and paid out to the client. The client also had a UIM (underinsured motorist) policy available. Because the injuries in this case were accompanied by high medical bills and exceeded the liability policy, Attorney Mulet sent a demand to the UIM carrier. Another $89,000 was paid out for the claim.

This accident had a total settlement of $114,000.

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