Car t-bones vehicle that failed to yield the right of way

Our client was traveling northbound on US Highway 41/51 in Johnsonville, Florence County, South Carolina when another driver exited a business parking lot and attempted to make a left hand turn across two lanes of traffic on Georgetown Highway.

The other driver failed to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic, and pulled out in front of our client who then t-boned the man's vehicle. The collision was significant and air bags were deployed. Our client hit her head on the windshield so aggressively it cracked the glass and her vehicle was severely damaged.

After the accident, our client was transported via EMS to Lake City Community hospital, reporting pain in her head, back, legs, and elbows. EMS as well as the hospital noted a head injury as well as leg and arm injuries and X-rays were taken. No fractures were found and our client was released home with medications and instructions for follow up care. Seven days later, our client was back at the ER complaining of persistent headaches, head pain, face pain, and lacerations from the accident. Shortly after this visit she began orthopedic care for her injuries including physical therapy.

Due to the severity of our client's accident and injuries, car accident attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm investigated her claim and evaluated all of her medical records stemming from the accident. After reviewing her lost time from work, her medical bills incurred, and the obvious negligence of the at-fault driver, our client's case was settled for a confidential amount that got her back to life before the accident.

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