South Carolina Truck Accident Case Result

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our client was involved in a terrifying truck accident involving two eighteen-wheelers.

In August 2017, our client was going about his day as normal. Our client, who owned his own trucking business and was performing contract work for a production company, was heading southbound on Highway 701, a two-lane country road. As he approached the left turn he needed to make onto a private logging road, he slowed his rig to permit oncoming traffic to clear before beginning his turn. After the traffic cleared and he began his turn, the at-fault driver plowed into our client’s trailer in a violent collision.

Immediately after the impact, Horry County Fire and Rescue transported him to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center where he was admitted as a Level ll Trauma patient.

After undergoing several tests and imaging, he was discharged home with prescriptions and instructions to follow up in one week.

Our client visited Carolina Hospital System because of his back pain where he was diagnosed after a CT scan of his lumbar spine. The scan demonstrated spondylolisthesis and spondylosis at L5-S1.  Our client continued to complain of low back pain radiating into the left leg, neck pain, upper back and mid back pain, as well as some residual left elbow pain and frontal headaches.

A treatment plan, including multiple rounds of LESI under fluoroscopic guidance and a custom-fitted, prefabricated lumbar support were prescribed, but despite these treatments, our client showed no signs of improvement. The doctor then recommended a left-sided L5-S1 transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in an effort to alleviate the pain and radicular symptoms he was experiencing. After extensive follow ups and physical therapy, our client continued to have some residual numbness into his left leg in addition to lower back pain. The doctor noted that he was able to perform light tasks with frequent breaks and laying down on his recliner.

Due to the extensive recovery needed from his injuries, high medical bills, and the pain and suffering our truck accident client suffered, accident attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm demanded the full policy limits of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. Not only was our client grievously injured by the at-fault driver’s negligence, but our client will be unable to return back to work as a truck driver. The Derrick Law Firm evaluated all of the facts of the case including all related medical records and future losses to obtain the full value of this case for our client.

Without filing litigation, The Derrick Law firm settled this truck accident case for $1,250,000.

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