SC Highway 90 Car Wreck Causes Severe Injury to Victim

One morning, our client was driving her SUV eastbound on S.C. Highway 90. Another driver on the road was traveling westbound on the same highway and with complete disregard for yielding the right of way, turned in front of our client, hitting our client head on. Our client had no reason to anticipate the actions of the other driver and had no time to react to the other driver's decisions.

The SUV our client was driving sustained major property damage including the front end of the vehicle being irreparable. Our client also incurred severe injuries as a result of the wreck. She was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in Myrtle Beach via ambulance where she spent eight days recovering from major surgery. She broke her left clavicle, sustained a torn right rotator cuff, a broken right talus, and dislocated her right ankle. Her first surgery was to set and stabilize the bones in her right foot and ankle. Another surgery was required to repair her broken left clavicle using plate and screw fixation. Later, she need another surgery to correct and repair her torn rotator cuff. Subsequently, our client's right foot was infected twice and the second infection required a "wash out" surgery to clean infected bone.

In a few short months, our client incurred a large amount of medical bills and expenses as well as having to endure intense, persistent pain since the accident. Her medical bills totaled over $300,000 at the time of The Derrick Law Firm sending a demand for all available liability insurance.

Car Accident Lawyer Taylor Hooven was able to get the full amount of the liability policy limits for our client after submitting a demand to the insurance company showing the clear liability of the at-fault driver and the extensive medical issues our client sustained because of the car wreck.

If you are in a car wreck where you are seriously injured by the negligence of another driver, you may need an experienced South Carolina accident lawyer to get you the benefits you need. Since 1991, The Derrick Law Firm has practiced personal injury law and worked to get clients the full value of their case.

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