North Myrtle Beach Car Accident Case Result

Dirk J. Derrick
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South Carolina Lawyer Dirk Derrick helps victims recover from car accidents, personal injury & wrongful death.

This motor vehicle accident occurred on a clear, mid-July morning on Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our accident client was driving southbound behind a Toyota SUV when traffic slowed to a stop. The SUV in front of our client came to a complete stop as did our client’s vehicle. Suddenly, and without warning, another driver slammed violently into the rear end of our client’s sedan.
Our client sought treatment at the emergency room at Grand Strand Medical Center- North Strand. She complained of low back pain with radiation into her left hip. She was concerned about her lower back since she previously had an L4 laminectomy from which she had fully recovered. X-rays of her neck and thoracic spine were ordered and our client was later discharged and diagnosed with a lumbar spine strain.
Because of ongoing low back pain and increased radiating pain to her left hip and left lower extremity, our client had an MRI of her lumbar spine done. The MRI revealed a disc bulge with stenosis at L3-4 and a disc bulge and annular tear at L-5-S1. She underwent a series of lumbar epidural steroid injections to decrease pain. Due to her persistent complaints of radicular pain and numbness and tingling in her left leg, a lumbar EMG was ordered. Based on a recommendation by her neurosurgeon and the doctors at Duke Spine Center, our client underwent surgery to implant a thoracic spinal cord stimulator and pulse generator in an effort to address our client’s bilateral low back pain and sciatica.
After surgery, our client experienced a great deal of pain relief but must periodically go to Duke Health for adjustments to the frequency and pulse of the spinal cord stimulator. 
  Because of the damages incurred by our accident client including high medical bills, emotional distress, and pain and suffering, personal injury lawyer Dirk Derrick and staff demanded the full limits of the insurance policy that was available. In an effort to give our client the best result for her case, our team at The Derrick Law Firm thoroughly investigated this case by evaluating all medical records and future treatment needed by the client. At The Derrick Law Firm, the attorneys and staff strive to give 5 Star service to each and every client.

The firm philosophy is to treat every client like family, outwork the competition and to get the full value of each case.

Our North Myrtle Beach auto accident client settled her case for $300,000. 

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