Myrtle Beach Student Hit On Highway 501 in Accident

A student was driving to school one morning down Highway 501 near Coastal Carolina University. It was very early in the morning and a car attempted to cross over Highway 501 from a cut-through. The driver came across the highway into opposing lanes and struck the student's car.

The student's car then flipped and landed off of the roadway creating a large laceration on the student's head. The laceration required 38 staples and many doctor's visits afterward totaling around $34,000.

Because the student was unable to speak for herself immediately after the accident, the at-fault driver told officers that the student was driving in the lane that was supposed to be used for turning and that it was the student's fault. Witnesses supported the at-fault driver's story and blamed the student.

Because of the questioned liability of the accident and high medical bills, the student's parents contacted Myrtle Beach Car Accident Attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm to help with the case.

The Derrick Law Firm investigated the accident and obtained satellite imaging of the roadway as well as records from SCDOT to show several things in support of the student's case:

1. Proved student was not in a turn only lane.
2. Contradicted witness statements indicating there were turn arrows in student's lane.
3. Proved witnesses were unreliable and stories were inconsistent.

After a thorough investigation of the accident and examining all of the medical records and bills associated with the student's injuries, The Derrick Law Firm settled the case for over the amount of medical bills at $97,500.

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