Myrtle Beach Accident Causes Concussion and Back Injury

A car was heading down US Highway 17 near 82nd Parkway at Grand Dunes in Myrtle Beach when an oncoming vehicle turned left in front of the driver. Because the oncoming car failed to yield the right of way, the victim t-boned the other car.

The impact of the crash caused the victim to hit their head on the glass window of their car, breaking the glass.The victim was taken to the hospital for head trauma and later complained of neck, back, and knee pains. Other symptoms also occured related to a concussion.

The victim contacted Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm, to see if they needed an attorney to handle their case. They determined they did need an experienced attorney to help them get all the medical treatment they needed as well as getting all of the medical bills paid. 

During the time of the client's medical treatment, doctor's found a herniated disk in the client's back. Surgery was advised by doctors, but the client was told they might not be able to continue their line of work after surgery.

After careful and thorough evaluation of the client's medical records and bills, the facts of the accident, and the future impact of the client's injuries, The Derrick Law Firm sent a demand to the at-fault driver's insurance company asking for settlement. The insurance company did not want to pay for the full value of the client's case so the firm threatened to take the case to trial.

Shortly after, the insurance company settled the case with our client for full policy limits of $150,000. Because the client's bill exceeded the amount of liability insurance coverage available, The Derrick Law Firm is now going after the Underinsured Motorist Insurance (UMI) coverage held by the client to cover the rest of the medical bills.

The attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm pride themselves on being thorough and finding all insurance coverage available to take care of your insurance claim. Voted Best Attorney by the Myrtle Beach Herald and the Horry Independent, The Derrick Law Firm works to obtain the full value of your case and treat you like family.

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