Motorcycle Wreck on Highway 17 in Surfside Beach

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our client was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle down Highway 17 in Surfside Beach, South Carolina when an SUV failed to yield the right of way and turned immediately in front of our client causing an accident. Our client and his motorcycle hit the passenger side of the SUV.

The man began driving the SUV away from the scene and another biker stopped his bike and began running after the SUV. When the SUV stopped, the man who was driving tried to switch sides with the passenger to make it look as though he had not been driving. Other witnesses kept the man and his passenger from leaving while police and first responders traveled to the scene. The driver of the at-fault vehicle also smelled of alcohol and was said to be slurring his words.

Immediately after the motorcycle wreck, EMS transported our client to the emergency room at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.  His injuries and complaints when he arrived included: a gash across his forehead, abrasions all over his body, deformity and pain in the last two fingers of his right hand, pain in his right hip, and a headache.  Emergency room personnel conducted x-rays of our client's right hand, right femur, pelvis, and chest.  They also conducted CT scans of our client's chest, head, and cervical spine.  The tests revealed the man's ring finger was fractured, his pinky finger was dislocated, his pelvis was fractured, and his C4 and C5 vertebrae were fractured. Our client spent three and a half days in the hospital recovering from his injuries before he was discharged.
When our client returned to his hometown, he saw his primary care physician, an orthopedist, and a neurosurgeon.  He first saw his primary care physician who referred him to the neurosurgeon.  Two days later, our client saw the orthopedist who took x-rays of his right hand and concluded there was a comminuted fracture at the fourth metacarpal shaft and a shortening in the right fifth proximal inter-phalangeal joint.  The orthopedist doctor recommended a cast and a split for the hand injuries and indicated our client should continue walking with a walker for his pelvis fracture.  
When our client saw the neurosurgeon, the doctor conducted an x-ray of his cervical spine and concluded that he had suffered a closed, non-displaced fracture of the fourth cervical vertebra.  The doctor recommended that he keep his neck stable in a collar and follow up in one month.  Our client was told not to overdo it with activity, not to lift more than ten pounds, not to drive in the collar, and not to work. 

Over the next month, our client began improving and was able to rid of some restrictions ordered by the doctor. While he still had episodes with severe pain in his neck and right hand, he began physical therapy to continue his recovery.
As time continued, our client complained of neck pain and tingling in his left fingers. Test were done and he was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome and was referred to pain management. The pain management doctor diagnosed the man with nerve damage and a pinched nerve in his neck.  

While our client would continue to see doctors to treat his injuries caused by the wreck, his medical bills grew so high before he was done treating that motorcycle accident lawyer Dakota Derrick evaluated all of his medical bills and records along with the clear liability of the at-fault driver to submit a demand to all insurance carriers involved to pay their full policy limits. Because The Derrick Law Firm strives to obtain the full value of every client's claim, the thorough evaluation of this motorcycle accident case contributed to the settlement of the following policies that were available:

  • Property Damage Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Underinsured Motorist Insurance
  • Excess Liability Insurance
  • Excess Property Damage Insurance

This motorcycle accident claim was settled for over $255,000.

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