Derrick Law Firm Helps Student Following Terrible Car Accident

Dirk J. Derrick
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South Carolina Lawyer Dirk Derrick helps victims recover from car accidents, personal injury & wrongful death.

Our personal injury client, a female student at Coastal Carolina University, was traveling down Highway 501 near Myrtle Ridge Road when she slowed and stopped for a traffic light. The car behind her did the same but the third car in the lane was traveling too fast for conditions and hit the middle car so hard it in turn hit our client's vehicle.

The young woman who was driving too fast for conditions and ultimately sited at-fault in the accident was also driving with no car insurance. Because of the at-fault party's reckless driving and complete disregard for the laws of South Carolina (driving without insurance), our client needed immediate medical help after the accident. Prior to the accident, our client was a healthy person with no medical issues with her neck or stomach. After the accident, our client went to Conway Medical Center Emergency Room and complained of pain to her neck, a decreased rang of motion and pain of movement.

In order to properly determine the source of our client's injuries, she was ordered to undergo an x-ray of the cervical spine. The results of the scan in conjunction with a triage assessment, our client was discovered to be suffering from a cervical strain and a wrist strain. Several days later, our client was back in the ER, complaining of pain to her back as well as internal issues of blood being present in her stool. While the former was treated relatively easily and quickly, the latter lingered for several months. After multiple visits with different providers and different treatment methods, our client's continuing battle with colon and intestine issues were resolved. She ultimately underwent a colonoscopy to ensure there was no permanent damage.

The at-fault driver's negligence was the reason our client went to the hospital and sustained her injuries. Because the at-fault driver also did not have car insurance, our client had to seek compensation through her own uninsured motorist coverage.

With our client being away from home at college, hurt in a car accident, and hit by a driver with no car insurance, she wanted an experienced car accident lawyer in Myrtle Beach to help her get the medical care and benefits she needed because of the wreck. The Derrick Law Firm represented her accident claim and thoroughly investigated all opportunities for insurance coverage, evaluated her medical records and was able to settle her case for the full value. The settlement amount is confidential but our client was very satisfied with The Derrick Law Firm's representation of her personal injury claim. She said the following:

"I always felt as though I was being taken seriously and what was best for me was always first priority. Extremely family oriented, professional and great communication."

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